Pinnacle Martial Arts / MABJJ Puyallup

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This is a wordpress page for Pinnacle Martial Arts in Puyallup WA.

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Pinnacle Martial Arts is a modern martial arts academy rooted deeply in traditional values. Our programs have been proven time and time again to deliver a present-day advantage, giving  students the tools and confidence they need to face any challenge the world can throw at them. We invite you to start your jouney….your begining to a better self.

When you begin your martial arts journey, whether it be Taekwondo, Kickboxing, BJJ, or MMA, it is nearly impossible to foresee where your training may take you physically, mentally and spiritually. Martial arts training goes well beyond obvious health and self-defence benefits. Training at Pinnacle Martial arts allows us all to comezen-mountain together with a single purpose, an intention, if you will. A conscious dedication of ourselves to the benefit of achieving something great. The core concept being the pursuit of excellence. Not just in martial arts, but in every aspect of your life. A path to happiness and fulfillment. Training yourself to do what you are already doing in your daily life, but with a mindfulness and a dedication to something greater. Martial Arts is a path that liberates us as it invites balance, strength and courage of your mind, body and spirit. Together as friends, family, a community, we can achieve far more than we could as individuals. This intention benefits children,teens and adults alike. Those who adopt this intention-of self development – allow an alignment of personal energy with forces greater than the wants and needs of a sole individual.

Here is what people are saying about us!

“Pinnacle Martial Arts offers an exceptional atmosphere in which to learn martial arts. Master Larson is just down right amazing when it comes to his interacting with his students both as a group and individually. He seems to have that rare ability to be able to hone in on a student’s individual needs and help that student advance and progress in their knowledge and execution of the martial arts while helping that student increase in confidence, focus,and discipline.  I can not say enough about what he does to help one learn martial arts, and not just fighting and self defense. He teaches also what I consider to be the more important aspects of martial arts; and that is teaching confidence, respect, discipline, focus, perseverance, courage, and more in all the different areas of one’s life.”

-Dr. David J.



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